I'm having trouble opening a PDF in JSTOR.

Problem #1:

  • affects users whose browsers or add-on toolbars have pop-up blockers enabled
  • when you click on the PDF link, a dialog box appears with details about Terms and Conditions of Use
  • you click "OK" but  the PDF doesn't open

Solution #1:

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How do I access journals located in the Hamilton Health Library Network?

If you are a McMaster student, staff or faculty member:

  • to get a copy of an article in a journal held by one of the Hamilton Health Library Network libraries, you may request the article through RACER (you can find more info on RACER and Interlibrary Loan on this page).

If you're not a McMaster student, staff or faculty member:

How do I install the Citrix plug-in? How do I access a Citrix-enabled database?

See http://library.mcmaster.ca/plugin.htm. When installing the plug-in accept all defaults. When you are provided with a list of components to install, you can accept the default (which is all components) or you can specify only the web client. If you accepted all defaults, the installation will put a short-cut in your programs start-up folder. You can delete this short-cut if you want.

Note for MAC users: if you are asked for a password during installation of the plug-in it may be because an administrator password was not set up on your computer, in which case you can leave the password blank.

To use one of our Citrix-enabled e-resources:

  1. search for the product by name in either Library catalogue or e-Resources
  2. click on the appropriate link on the Citrix page; the Citrix plug-in should then load the product automatically.
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