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ECHO360 CLOUD Platform

NOTICE: Faculty and Students with account or access issues, please contact OTTO GEISS .

Echo360 Cloud is a Lecture Capture System.  The system records audio and display, for viewing in digital format. This provides students with a powerful tool that can be used for review, or to supplement materials covered in class.

The captures can be viewed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox , Chrome or Safari).

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SMART kapp™

"The dry-erase board reinvented"

A digital replacement to dry-erase boards and flip charts, SMART kapp allows you to save and share notes as they are written or drawn on the board, all using a regular dry-erase marker.

Capture ideas and notes

Save directly to your device

Share content remotely, in real-time

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Smart Podium

The Smart Podium is the control center for the Technology in each classroom. It is equipped with a user-friendly control panel, which controls the projector and allows users to select which Technology they want to use: the Smart Podium's local computer, DVD player, VCR, sound system, or external laptop.

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