Information About Account/Renewals

Account/Renewals allows you to:

  • Renew your books online (up to a maximum of 6 times; twice for External/Reciprocal borrowers)
  • View a list of all your checked out items
  • View a list of your recalled items
  • View the fines/blocks on your account


  • If web pages will not load, clear the cache in your browser, close and re-open your browser, and try again.
  • Possible error messages:
    • Renew failed: Item is being Recalled, cannot renew this item (the item has been recalled (see Fines/Blocks) and has to be returned by the due date).
    • Renew failed: Unable to renew, maximum fines exceeded (you can't renew any items until problems have been cleared up. See Fines/Blocks for details).
  • Still having problems? Contact the Library Services Desk.