The New Canadian Library Series and Other Notable Series

A paperback revolution in Canada was initiated by McClelland & Stewart in the late 1950s with the launch of the New Canadian Library series. Edited by Malcolm Ross and designed by Frank Newfeld, the New Canadian Library series re-published classics of Canadian literature intended for the general reading public and students in colleges and universities. In 1988 a new version of the series was re-vitalized under the editorship of David Staines. It remains a staple of literary paperback publishing in Canada. A similar series in paperbacks for Canadian history is the Carleton Library series. In the 1950s and later decades, McClelland & Stewart established many series of books that profile and relate to Canadian society and literature. The earliest series was the Indian File Books of poetry, designed by Paul Arthur, using indigenous motifs from decorative material of the West Coast and Plain Indians. Other notable series of this period include the Canadian Centenary series, the Canadian Centennial Library, the Generations series, the Canadian Best-Seller Library, and Canada’s Illustrated Heritage series.