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Canadian student social and political organizations -- [ca.1968]-1977. -- 1.4 m of textual records.
Note: Files are arranged in alphabetical order, Boxes 1-10; new alphabetical sequence begins in Box 11.

Box 1:
F. 1 Abortion Law Repeal Coalition
F. 2 African Students Union of Toronto
F. 3 Afro-American Progressive Association
F. 4 Alberta Association of Students
F. 5 Alexander Defence Committee
F. 6 Alexander Ross Society
F. 7 American Deserters Committee of Toronto
F. 8 Americanization of Canada Teach-in, Toronto
F. 9 Anti-Apartheid Movement of Canada
F. 10 Anti-Imperialist Front
F. 11 Arab Information Centre
F. 12 Associacion Democratica Espanola Canadiense
F. 13 Black Liberation Front
F. 14 British Columbia Peace Council
F. 15 B.C. Tenant's Organization
F. 16 Canada/Cuba Friendship Committee
F. 17 Canada/Vietnam Friendship Week
F. 18 Canadian Action for Peace
F. 19 Canadian Aid for Vietnam Civilians
F. 20 Canadian American Committee to end the Vietnam War
F. 21 Canadian Association of University Teachers
F. 22 Canadian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
F. 23 Canadian Committee for Amnesty in Portugal
F. 24 Canadian Committee for the Relief of Biafran Refugees
F. 25 Canadian Communist Movement
F. 26 Canadian Congress of Labour
F. 27 Canadian Friends Service Committee
F. 28 Canadian Indian Youth Council
F. 29 Canadian Independence Movement
F. 30 Canadian Internationalists
F. 31 Canadian Jewish Congress
F. 32 Canadian Liberation Movement

Box 2:
F. 1 Canadian Party of Labour
F. 2 Canadian Peace Research Institute
F. 3 Canadian Peace Research and Education Association
F. 4 Canadian People's United Front Against U.S. Imperialism
F. 5 Canadian Radio and Television League
F. 6 Canadian Rights Defence Committee
F. 7 Canadian Serbian Anticommunistic Committee in Hamilton
F. 8 Canadian Student Days of Protest
F. 9 Canadian Student Movement
F. 10 Canadians for the National Liberation Front
F. 11 Canadian Textile and Chemical Union
F. 12 Canadian Union of Fascists
F. 13 Canadian Union Students--see also C.U.S. fonds

Box 3:
F. 1-4 Canadian University Newspapers
F. 5 Canadian University Press

Box 4:
F. 1 Canadian University Press, continued
F. 2 Canadian University Students Overseas
F. 3 Canairelief
F. 4 Chile Canada Solidarity
F. 5 Citizens Committee to Support Farm Workers
F. 6 Citizens Commission of Inquiry into the War Measures Act
F. 7 Civil Service Association of Ontario
F. 8 Clear Hamilton of Pollution
F. 9 Comité Solidarité Bresel
F. 10 Committee against the extension of the school year
F. 11 Committee for the restoration of democracy in Greece.
F. 12 Committee on Socialist Studies
F. 13 Committee to Aid American War Objectors
F. 14 Committee to Support the NLFSV
F. 15 Communist Party of Canada
F. 16 Conference of Interamerican Student Projects
F. 17 Confrontations Publications, Edmonton
F. 18 Congress on Black Writers
F. 19 Council of Canadian Unions

Box 5:
F. 1 Indian Progressive Study Group
F. 2 Edmund Burke Society
F. 3 Fair Play for Cuba Committee
F. 4 Guelph Student Movement
F. 5 Guerillas
F. 6 International Teach-In, Toronto
F. 7 Interpax
F. 8 Jamaican Student Struggle
F. 9 Just Society Movement
F. 10 Kingston Newsreel
F. 11 Latin American Justice Committee
F. 12 Latin American Working Group
F. 13 League for Socialist Action. See also Box 11.
F. 14 London Conference on Canada's Role in Vietnam
F. 15 London-Japanese Advisory Committee
F. 16 March on Ottawa
F.17 May 4 Movement
F. 18 Mexican Student Movement
F. 19 Militant Co-op
F. 20 Mine Mill and Smelter Workers Union
F. 21 Movement for Socialist Liberation
F. 22 National Committee for Independent Canadian Unions. See also N.C.I.C.U. fonds.
F. 23 National Council of Women of Canada
F. 24 National Film Board of Canada
F. 25 National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam
F. 26 National Survival Day Project

Box 6:
F. 1 New Brunswick Socialists
F. 2 New Left Caucus
F. 3 New Marxism Conference
F. 4 New University Conference
F. 5 Norad
F. 6 Norman Bethune Clubs
F. 7 North American Congress on Latin America
F. 8 North American Greek Relief Fund
F. 9 North Bay Project
F. 10 Nova Scotia Project
F. 11 Ontario Committee on the Status of Women
F. 12 Ontario Mobilization Committee
F. 13 Ontario Women for An Abortion Law Repeal Coalition
F. 14 Ottawa Committee to end the War in Vietnam
F. 15 Pacific Community Self Development Society
F. 16 Palestine Liberation Movement
F. 17 Pan-Hellenic Liberation Movement
F. 18 Partisan Organization
F. 19 Peace Action League (Victoria, B. C.)
F. 20 Peace in Vietnam
F. 21 Police
F. 22 Pollution Probe, Toronto. See also Box 11.
F. 23 Plus
F. 24 Praxis Corporation
F. 25 Progressive Conservative Party
F. 26 Progressive Workers Movement
F. 27 Radical Student Movement (Waterloo)
F. 28 Radicals for Capitalism
F. 29 Red Morning Collective
F. 30 Red White and Black
F.31-2 Rochdale College. See also Box 11.
F. 33 Rochdale Peace Centre

Box 7:
F. 1 Service Civil International
F. 2 Simon Fraser University
F. 3 Social Credit Party
F. 4 Social Democratic Party of Canada
F. 5 Spring Mobilization Committee
F. 6 Stop Spadina Committee
F. 7 Student Association to end the war in Vietnam
F. 8 Student Christian Movement of Canada
F. 9 Student Mobilization Committee
F.10-1 Students for a Democratic University (McGill & McMaster)
F. 12 Study Group on China Policy
F. 13 Summer Free University of Toronto
F. 14 Sunshine Teach-in
F. 15 Third World Information Service
F. 16 Toronto Anti Apartheid Committee
F. 17 Toronto Anti-draft programme
F. 18 Toronto Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
F. 19 Toronto Committee of Citizens to save Spadina
F. 20 Toronto Co-ordinating Committee to end the War in Vietnam
F. 21 Toronto International Vietnam Day Committee

Box 8:
F. 1 Toronto Libertarian Group
F. 2 Toronto Student Movement
F. 3 Toronto [Welfare Rights]
F. 4 Toronto Women's Caucus
F. 5 Toronto Women's Liberation Group
F. 6 Toronto Workshop Productions
F. 7 Toronto Young Socialists
F. 8 Underground Press
F. 9 United Auto Workers of America
F. 10 United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America
F. 11 United Farm Workers of Ontario
F. 12 United Farmers of Ontario
F. 13 University of Toronto
F. 14 University of Toronto. Communist Club
F. 15 University of Toronto. N.D.P. Club
F. 16 University of Toronto. New Left Caucus
F. 17 University of Toronto. Young Socialists

Box 9:
F. 1-3 University of Victoria
F. 4 University of Western Ontario
F. 5 University of Winnipeg. Student's Association
University Newspapers, 1969 - see Canadian University Newspapers
F. 6 Vancouver Action Committee for Unemployed Youth
F. 7 Vancouver Women's Caucus
F. 8 Vanguard Forum
F. 9 Victoria, B.C. Miscellaneous
F. 10 Victoria Committee on Canadian Responsibility in Vietnam
F. 11 Victoria Committee to Aid War Resisters
F. 12 Victoria Low Income Group
F. 13 Victoria Park Community organization
F. 14 Victoria Project - (microfilms 1-4 shelved with microfilms in stacks.)
F. 15 Victoria Women's Caucus
F. 16 Victoria Youth Council
F.17-8 Vietnam - 2 files of news-cuttings
F. 19 Vietnam - Miscellaneous
F. 20 Vietnam Demonstration Committee
F. 21 Vietnam Mobilization Committee
F. 22 Vietnam Protest
F. 23 Vietnam Report

Box 10:
F. 1 Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement
F. 2 West Indian Students Organization
F. 3 West Toronto Mutual Assistance Coordinating Committee
F. 4 Windsor Committee
F. 5 Women's Liberation Alliance Vancouver
F. 6 Women's Liberation Movement - Toronto
F. 7 Women's Liberation (General)
F. 8 Worker-Student Alliance
F. 9 W.S.A. Conference, Brock University, 1970
F. 10 Workers League
F. 11 World Federalists
F. 12 World Federalists of Canada
F. 13 York Student Movement
F. 14 York University Committee to end the war in Vietnam
F. 15 Young Communist League
F. 16 Young Socialist Forum
F. 17 Youngblood

Box 11:
F.1 agence étudiante d'info
F.2 Canadian Committee for Justice to Latin American Prisoners
F.3 Canadian Council for International Co-operation
F.4 Canadian Labour Congress conference, Jobs and the Environment
F.5 Canadian Marxist-Leninist Group
F.6 Committee of Defense for Political Prisoners in Uruguay - Toronto
F.7 Conference on Science and the Politics of the Environment, November 1977
F.8 Conservation Council of Ontario
F.9 Downtown Action
F.10 February 11th Defence Committee
F.11 Friends of the Earth
F.12 Group of Defense of Civil Rights in Argentina
F.13 Hat Creek Project
F.14 League for Socialist Action
F.15 Marketing Boards--Canadian Issues
F.16 New Brunswick
F.17 New Democratic Party--Environment Task Force
F.18 National Farm Women's conference
F.19 National Farmers Union
F.20 Ontario ENGO Network
F.21 Pollution Probe, Toronto
F.22 Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society
F.23 Reform Metro
F.24 Rochdale College
F.25 Sudbury Chilean Association
F.26 Toronto Revolutionary Marxist Group

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