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Mabel Burkholder collection

Box 1:
"The Palatines in Ontario" unpublished.
"The Story of Hamilton" incomplete
"History of the Hamilton Street Railway Co."
Manuscript by Stanley Hart entitled "The Book of the Hamilton Art Association.
Two early legal manuscripts from the Gore District.
1. List of jury members, 1824
2. Contract between Sheriff & guards, 1819

Box 2:
Ambrose, Murray 1948
Brighty, Isabel 1939
Bell, Morley P., letter from Rutherford Smith.
Burkholder, C.H. 1947
Burkholder, Ina 1943; 1946-47; 1953
Burkholder, Mabel, personal papers
Dean, Eva W. 1948
DuPont of Canada 1959
Emberley, Hazel 1946
Flatman, Fred J .
Foster?, Pauline E.? 1939-40
Grimsby Historical 1961 Society
Guelph Daily Mercury 1950; enclosure on H. G. Bell.
Hamilton Public Library 1940
Hanley, Orrena 1955
Head of the Lake 1946
Historical Society, Hamilton
Heath, George T. 1950
Hore, G. C. 1948
Johnson, John Mich.
Kaiser, T.E. (Dr.) 1934
Lounsbury, M. H. 1948
Mackay, Mrs. George
McMurray, M. I. 1949
Macpherson, Eugenia M.
Mewburn, S. C. M.
Mills, Edwin 1939
Ontario Historical Society 1954
Ontario Pioneer Community 1956
Oxford Museum, Woodstock 1951
Packham, Murray 1948
Ryerson, E.
Smith, Gertrude
Smith , Rutherford
Spohn, E. Bowman (see Ryerson).
Wentworth Voters List 1938

Box 3:
Burkholder family history
Photographs (many unidentified)
Summaries by Mabel Burkholder of books by others
Miscellaneous (notebooks, etc.)

Box 4:
Newsclippings organized in alphabetical order. In additon to these newsclippings, the collection also contains 3 large boxes of newspaper clippings which are unsorted. The bulk of this material consists of copies of Miss Burkholder's column "Out of the Storied Past" which appeared in the Hamilton Spectator for many years.

Also: 1 binder of news clippings, 1922-1944; 1 binder of news clippings, 1930-1944; 1 bound folder of news clippings, 1950s.


Collection Description

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