About our Strategic Plan and Scorecard

McMaster University Library’s Strategic Plan, covering the years 2010 to 2013, sets the Library on an ambitious course in pursuit of its vision to becoming "Canada’s most innovative, user-centred academic library.”  
Key Highlights from the Plan:
  • Ongoing commitment to: enhancing the quality of services available to both in-person and virtual visitors; dramatically improving learning spaces; and facilitating both the access to and discovery of our rich collections.  
  • Enhanced focus on staff learning and growth (training and development, etc.)
  • Enhanced focus on financial health (revenue generation, donations, etc.)
The Balanced Scorecard Framework: 
  • McMaster participated in a four-site Association of Research Libraries pilot to test use of Balanced Scorecard as a planning, assessment and decision-making tool for academic libraries. That pilot has now expanded to an additional 10 research libraries. 
  • The Scorecard framework encourages us to
    • Set our objectives based on four broad perspectives (the user, staff learning and growth, internal processes and financial health)
    • Identify one or more measures for each objective
    • Set targets for each measure
    • Score ourselves on our performance in meeting those targets
    • Communicate results to our staff, the user community and other interested individuals/groups.
  • Includes measures, each linked to one or more objectives in the Strategic Plan
  •  For each measure, we provide the formula, target, current score, periodicity and staff owner. 
  •  A link is provided to the data and analysis if available.
  • For each measure, we score ourselves as green (meeting target), yellow (approaching target, but not there yet) or red (not meeting target). 
  • Links are provided to the strategic initiatives associated with each measure.
Strategic Initiatives: The Plan at Work
  • Each year, we review and update the measures, targets and strategic initiatives for the coming year. 
  • The actual strategic initiatives are chosen because they reflect a significant and positive change in direction or focus, are directly linked to improving our results in one or more strategic measures, and require regular review and discussion by the Library’s senior leadership group.